Why to choose Instagram for your business?

For sure your are already using Instagram for your personal profile, but have you thought about using it for your business? After being bought by Facebook in 2012, Instagram is constantly expanding, not only internationally, but in Romania too. Here are a few statistics for Instagram Romania from the beginning of 2017:

  • Total users: 494.071
  • Active users: 231.405
  • Posted images: 1.474.828
  • Posted videos: 84.774
  • Posted comments: 3.165.476
  • Liked photos: 158.382.011
  • Liked videos: 5.728.478

Source: instagramology

Because our work as online marketers is very much based on statistics, we cannot ignore these either:

  1. 60% of Instagram users claim that they have discoverd a new product on Instagram
  2. 80% of active users follow at least one Business Profile on Instagram
  3. 75% of instagrammers are inspired to act after seeing a post that caught their attention

Source: Instagram Internal Data, March 2017

Now that I have your attention, let’s quit the figures and pass on the applied advide.
More specific, how can Instagram help grow your Business?

Use #hashtags

Start by doing a small research for hashtags relevant to your business. After you have made a list of at least 10 such hashtags, start searching on Instagram. People who already use those hashtags are potential customers of yours. What are you waiting for? You can contact them very easily with Instagram’s “Direct Messages” option and you can show them your offer and how you differentiate yourself from your competition.

Surely you will not get a positive response from everyone, but the more you approach, the more success may be closer to you.

Create dedicated content for Instagram

Instagram is different from Facebook by the fact that people don’t have an intention of buying while scrolling the feed. They spend their time on Instagram for inspiration, discover new places or new hobbies.The challenge is to create an ad that at first glance does not look like an ad.

Create a story, use emotion. Try to reach your target audience through messages and visuals that drive their interest and curiosity to discover new things. Only after you’ve caught their attention, you can present your offer.

Create a loyal comunity

Most businesses want a larger number of followers. But this is not always good if those people are not loyal to you and do not help to increase your brand. In vain you have 1,000,000 followers if the engagement rate is small. Create a strong community that is next to each post by likes, comments, mentions in their postings, and so on.

How can you do that? Here’s a little tip: encourage them to post content with your own product, and give you the tag. Do not forget to reward them. It can be a discount coupon or a reposting of their picture on your business profile. This not only will create engagement, but it will also help in discovering your brand by many more people.

Now that you are familiar with a few of Instagram’s good practices, all you have to do is apply them. From a complete presence in the online environment, you certainly should not miss the Instagram.

Photo Source: Google Images

Author: Tiberiu Oprea