How Social Media changed the fashion industry?

In the past, fashion inspiration used to come from magazines, catwalk or any other fashionable events. It used to take ages for the clothes to be available to us, the mere mortals. Because of the constant evolution we’re going through right now, our favourite clothes are just a few clicks away.

From a recent study made by Facebook IQ over 6.000 people across 6 different countries, it came that more than half of people who use Instagram, and 4 out of 10 Facebook users found their fashion inspiration on social media, just in the past three months. Also, the same study thought us that 3 out of 5 surveyed people addmited that they have been tempted to buy a fashion product they didn’t intend to.

It is very clear that the way that people get inspired, and also the path-to- purchase journey have changed a lot over the years, and social media has a lot to do with it. Through social media platforms, people get a lot of inspiration from celebrities, influencers and powerful brands.

From another survey made by Facebook IQ, we discovered that the hashtag #fashion it is monthly used 13.000.000x (13 MILLION) on Instagram. So, clearly Instagram cannot be ignored by a fashion brand’s marketing strategy. The study shows that Instagram is the number 1 source of inspiration when coming so fashion, but which are the others?

Photo source: Facebook IQ

Do you notice how TV it’s on 3rd place? In the past, the online advertising was underrated for it’s still small audience. This changed over the past few years, online has become more and more popular. The main advantages of online advertising are: you can easily target your audience you can measure and interpret the results

Basically, you use your advertising budget more efficiently.
In July 2017, according to Kantar WorldPanel figures, a quarter of all UK spending on fashion products took place online. Also, 2016 was the first year that Facebook saw more mobile conversions that desktop conversions for the entire Holiday Season. Studies show that 41% of users bought a fashion products, whether it’s clothes, footwear or accessories, on a smartphone (or tablet) in the past 3 months.

The best way to end this article it’s by showing you a quote wrote by Tamara Sender, Senior Fashion Analyst at Mintel:

Photo source: Facebook IQ

Author: Tiberiu Oprea