Antonio Manolache


If I have to describe myself in one word, then the magic word would be “curious”. I have always been looking for answers to questions like “Why?” or “How would it be?”, and most of the time I found them. I consider myself a creative, ambitious, empathetic, dedicated and perfectionist person, I always try to put soul and passion into everything I do, and I guide myself by the strong desire to succeed. Some of the most important and relevant areas of interest to me are: public relations, mass media, social media, advertising and influencer marketing.

I like to be connected with everything that is going on around me and I have always been attentive to the things I communicate, especially in the online environment. We live in a competitive world that is constantly changing. Success can only be achieved through innovation and adaptability in our modern society of today. Organizations aim to build their own image, mentain favorable relations with their environment and find inventive methods of developing products and services. The evolution of technology and virtual communication leads brands to shape their own personalities using social networks, communicating in a credible, authentic and interactive manner to different audiences.

All of these things I have learned since the early years of college, being a graduate in Marketing at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. Later on, I deepened these concepts, graduating the Public Relations in Marketing master program with the Highest Honors.

At INOBOX, I have the pleasure of putting into practice everything I have gained during my studies and also I assimilate something new daily. Together with my colleagues, we ensure that your business has an effective promotion delivering quality content.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.“ – Albert Einstein