Magdala Mora Fuentes


I’m a passionate and traveller Colombian women that came to Bucharest, to have a short but intense experience at Inobox Evolution. I’ve been fascinated about the social projects and international experiences, where the human connection means all. I’m known for my level of adaptability in a global environment.

As an international Business Manager from Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, I’m interested in marketing and public relations, that is why I chose Inobox to have an internship program that can show me an overall about how the digital marketing works overseas, specially over the hidden part of Europe.

I’ve been deligthed about how leadership and education into a multicultural environment may change the way we behave and see the human potential, where I realized the real beauty is behind our differences. I’m excited and commited to keep learning, bring all my previous experience as Marketing Manager for a company in New Zealand and keep being a Global Citizen, now in such an interesting country as Romania.