Octavian Stoica

Facebook Ads Junior

My first meeting with the idea of ​​Marketing was during my studies, I did not attend a college with this profile, but during the three years of study I interacted with this field and I decided to address this topic in my undergraduate work.

I started working in another third year of college, but not in the field of Marketing, I worked for a year as a Data Entry Operator, within an IT company.

Subsequently, I decided to pursue a career in HR, choosing the position of Recruiter. After two years spent in this field, I realized that it does not bring me the necessary satisfaction. I wanted to work in Marketing, in a more creative environment, where I could test my creativity.

In June 2019, I managed to get a volunteer position within an organization that deals with the promotion of Trance music in Romania. Here I started to be part of the Social Media team, I was making posts related to the events I was going to organize. I finally felt like I was doing what I love, combining my favorite musical style with Marketing and Social Media, which motivated me and made me believe that I will soon be able to pursue a career in this field.

My contribution was appreciated and currently I have come to coordinate the Social Media team within this project.

In October 2019, I met a former colleague in the field of Recruitment, who told me that it is a vacancy within the company Inobox, I did not know much about the company, I researched a little and decided to send my CV CPC.

Later I was contacted by Mircea and I was invited to the Interview.
During the interview, Mircea managed to cover almost all my shortcomings that I had in connection with the position I will have within the company, in connection with professional and personal development within the company, as well as about the way of working. and the environment in the company card.

In November 2019 I started my activity on the Facebook Ads Junior post, during this period I managed to assimilate a lot of knowledge and put into practice what I learned. I also quickly integrated into the company’s team, and my colleagues helped me every time I encountered problems. I still have a lot to learn, but I am sure that they will be with me and will show me the path I must follow to achieve the proposed objectives.