Vladimir Burlac

Google SEO Specialist

I am effective in communicating with both my colleagues and customers, I can do it clearly and professionally. I am a follower of the philosophy of customer orientation.

I am willing to sacrifice my own time and ambitions for the good of the group, but at the same time I can easily take up the leadership if it is, of course, for the benefit of the group.

I am a person who knows what he wants from life with a well-defined goal for the next 10 years.

I have a strong need to produce results – I am the type of person to meet challenges head-on rather than sweep them under the rug and hope they go away. While I’m an optimistic person, I am also realistic about the current situation and how satisfactory or unsatisfactory it is. I’m not a workaholic, just results oriented.

I do not quit until the task is done (and done well). Moreover, I do my best to finish the project on time and qualitatively. I will put in the extra work until a solution is found. The question that I always ask myself is: What could I do better?

I work for a successful company that has strong leadership and clear vision in the long run.

What do I do at INOBOX:

  • Organic site promotion
  • Developing customer affairs by attracting a large number of customers
  • Increase visibility of sites and, at the same time, of the businesses
  • In brief: We help the customer grow their business and brand visibility