Vlad Romanenco

Managing Partner

I opened my first online store back in 2006, right when I got in contact with Google’s PPC services. Being aware of this service’s advantage and not having the financial possibilities in that moment to hire someone to handle the online zone, not that there were many who knew and did this at that time, E-commerce being something that just started to appear then, I decided to handle Google Adwords myself. A pretty stressful situation, because being in the process of learning, I was doing this on my own resources, which were limited.

Passionate about marketing since 2005, I’ve got my masters degree in E-Commerce, and concurrently with the PPC part I also got in contact with the SEO zone, seeing the real advantage of a good positioning even from the perspective of my site.

Being active for over 10 years in this domain, time became my ally and I managed to find multiple interesting projects in which I had the practical possibility to optimize websites and to juggle with different budgets, depending on the needs.

Everything turned into passion and after a couple of collaborations together with Mircea Chenic I decided, at the point of my professional maturity, that it’s time to get out of the freelancing zone and assume my collaboration.

Thus, the INOBOX marketing agency was founded based on our vast online and business management experience, and today we are ready professionally and have all the required tools to spare you the effort and make your business grow together with the profit.